Frequently Asked Questions

Türk Hava Yolları Sıkça Sorulan Sorular

If your boarding pass has not yet been printed after your check-in process, you can change your seat number. For domestic flights, you can change your seat number according to the package you choose.

If your journey starts with Turkish Airlines and continues with contracted airlines and if the connecting flight is open for check-in at the relevant airline, you can check-in online until your destination.

No, you do not have to carry the printout of your e-ticket with you. You can make transactions at the counter with your ticket number, reservation code (PNR) and ID.

After completing your ticket and identity check at the check-in counter, your baggage, if any, is received and your boarding pass is issued. After these procedures, you can check your flight gate by following the information screens at the airport and board the plane with your boarding pass.

It is recommended that our passengers arrive at the terminal at least 3 hours before their flight, in order to avoid loss of time due to additional measures taken at the airports.

Yes. You can choose different packages for your round-trip flights.

According to the rules and availability, you can change the package for your ticket. Fees may differ depending on your choices.

Our baby passengers have a baggage allowance of 10 kg on each flight and 23 kg on flights within the scope of piece baggage application. They can also carry a stroller with dimensions not exceeding 115 cm on all flights. The baggage allowance of our child passengers is the same as our adult passengers.

You can visit the website to learn all the details about the terms of air cargo transportation.

Our child passengers between the ages of 2-12 have the same baggage rights as our adult passengers. For detailed information, you can visit our luggage page.

You can cancel your ticket, but the cancellation/refund status of each ticket varies according to the fare conditions.

You can buy your flight ticket in installments using credit cards of contracted banks. You can visit our payment page to see the contracted banks and installment options.

You can also buy tickets with someone else's credit card. For detailed information, you can visit our reservation page.

Identity checks are also carried out on domestic flights. For this reason, do not forget to have your identity card, driver's license or passport with you.

We cannot accept babies on flights within the first 48 hours of their birth. Your baby between 2-8 days can travel only if you present a valid doctor's report stating "There is no harm in traveling by plane". Your baby can travel on your lap 8 days after birth.

Of course, you can buy tickets before your visa is approved. In fact, the fact that you have purchased your round-trip ticket before you start your visa procedures is an important factor that increases your chances of getting a visa at the time of application. Let us remind you that if your visa application is not accepted, you should know the fee conditions for the return of your ticket.

You can use your driver's license with the Republic of Turkey ID number on domestic flights instead of an identity document. On international flights, you can only use your identity card or passport as an identity document.

In order for our infant passengers to travel safely, they must travel on the lap of their companions with the special baby belt provided by the cabin crew. Therefore, we do not have a special seat application for babies.

If our passengers with infants prefer to travel with a carry-on stroller, a 70x30 cm stroller will be accepted as cabin baggage during the check-in process. In cases where the lights indicating that the seat belt must be fastened go out, the bag type baby stroller can be used. Bag type baby strollers exceeding the maximum dimensions cannot be transported in the cabin. It is not possible for our passengers with infants to sit in the seats with emergency exit doors.

A stroller type stroller can be used for babies under 2 years old. If our passengers with babies prefer to travel with a car type stroller, they can use the 40x40 cm stroller by purchasing an additional seat. The stroller must have its own harness, be securely fastened to the seat, and prevent it from tilting forward. The stroller, which is securely fastened before departure, must remain this way until the destination. The additional seat to be purchased for infant passengers is arranged as a discounted child ticket and there is no additional charge for the stroller. In order for your baby to be restrained in the seat with the seat belt, the stroller/child seat must be provided by you.

You can only carry your stroller as checked baggage in the cargo hold. Therefore, you can bring your stroller to the door of the plane and hand it over to the officers during the transition to the plane. You can take the stroller separated from the stroller into the cabin. We would like to point out that in addition to the free baggage allowance for our passengers aged 0-7 (who did not celebrate their 8th birthday), we carry one (1) foldable stroller/stroller free of charge.

Your baby can travel on your lap, protected by additional belts, until he or she turns 2 years old.

During the flight, you can take liquid formula "enough to meet your baby's needs" to carry in the cabin.

All our passengers over the age of 2 can only travel in their own seats. You can benefit from a special discount for the ticket of your child between the ages of 2-12.

We issue a child ticket for our passengers between the ages of 2-11 who have celebrated their 2nd birthday but have not celebrated their 12th birthday. Since your children in this age range can only travel in their own seat, you need to purchase a child ticket for them.